You’re either with us, or against us.

Video Violence was a musical project that unfortunately ended in 2012. This is the official tumblr blog for them, and we stand as a relic. Please do not ask us about the circumstances of the ending of the project, how to download or buy music, or the whereabouts of the creators. Thank you very much, please enjoy the songs we have archived.

All artwork belongs to Daniele Manoli, all music belongs to Sebastian Fronda.

"Video Violence is a movement led by the Frontal Lobe, an unknown entity whose origins are also completely unknown. He’s gathering an army of soldiers & constructing new machines to make a new world order. The revolution has already begun with the release of the alien virus more commonly known as project "Medulla Oblongata". You’re either with us, or against us. "

"Video Violence is an international audio/visual project that was conceived by Sebastian Fronda. He’s the driving force behind Video Violence and is also responsible for all its music creations. Born and raised in Sweden (of Italian descent). The other member of Video Violence is Daniele Manoli, also born and raised in Sweden (of Italian descent) but living and working in Hong Kong. Manoli is the creative director and is responsible for all of Video Violence’s visual content. "

"Fronda & Manoli have never actually met and all communication and work has been done via the Internet. "

- Taken from Video Violence's Facebook

This is a blog created by Kat, Led, Onica, Mue, and others to help spread the word and raise awareness.

4/5/10 - 4/5/14

Goodnight sweet prince. 





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Dead Love Song - Video Violence

Anonymous said: Is there any way to still buy or listen to the music (aside from what remains on YouTube)? Tracks are no longer in iTunes and have been removed from Spotify in the last few days too.

At the moment, no, there is no way to listen or purchase Video Violence tracks online, besides what is on the official Youtube or uploaded by Daniele Manoli. 

Since we made this blog on request of the musician behind Video Violence himself, and still have the well wishes from Daniele, we will begin to periodically upload the tracks here for posterity, since all other options are no longer available. 

Please note that we’ll only do this since we were given permission at the start of this blog, we do not encourage others to do the same.

Medulla Burgers

Medulla Burgers